1. #tbt I heart Sacramento. #nofilter #provia #120film #crossprocessed #xprocessed #filmporvida #believeinfilm

  2. Ando (at Lake Anderson)

  3. Stoked to see the photo I shot of @cookslooks at Lake Anderson is still on the wall at @traildustbbq (at Trail Dust BBQ)

  4. Happy to see the Tea Shack Project in Content Magazine.


    Thanks @contentmag for using some of our new threads in your new mag, models look amazing, cheers

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  5. My favorite bar and band in Morgan Hill. The Starlite Lounge Band. My dad is a rock star.


  6. image

    Today is the three year birthday of my Tumblr blog. I have used this blog to keep track of things that inspire me. John Cardiel has always been an inspiration to be for his perseverance and raw outlook on the world. My first post on here was a photo of John so I thought this photo from B-Street would be appropriate. The caption says “Frontside 5-0 circa 2008. Courtesy of DLX” But I think this is a Gabe Morford photo. #AllHailCardiel

  7. superpunch2:

    More than half of the world’s population lives inside this circle.”

  8. jgrantbrittain:

    To continue with my whole Bones Brigade obsession as of late, I present to you Tommy Guerrero. Tommy is as San Franciscan(lives in east Bay at present) as you can get. He was the first street skater on the Bones Brigade team, the dude can also rip a ramp by the way. I traveled up to SF numerous times in the 80s and this particular time went to China Banks in Chinatown and shot this fs transfer. That’s Garry Davis in the background waiting his turn. My daughter lives just a few blocks away from this spot and I went down there to check it out a few months back, but it was behind closed gates. Photo: Brittain

  9. 20 Tricks with Brandon McCormick. Style for miles. Mayfair skatepark
    Filmed and edited by The Filmer Jay

  10. Acid Drops - Episode 2 - Dylan Rieder

    The second in a series of hand painted studies that aim to psychedelically capture the individual styles of influential skateboarders.

    currently looking for work and new projects to collaborate on
    Feel free to e-mail me at

    If you would like to get hold of one of the original paintings in this animation please visit

  11. Let’s go Sharks!!! Chomp Chomp


    Every week


  12. conversation between Barry McGee and Samuel Borkson

    Read a conversation between Barry McGee and Samuel Borkson here on Dirty Mag

  13. Been looking at a lot of time lapses in anticiapation of getting the D800. This one is unreal. The lighting is so sick!

  14. Lookbook: Booger Kids Spring 2012

    Click on the photo to see the new line!

  15. San jose on the come up!


    Fuck yea!!!!! It’s ok to start get’n bum’d off niggy now! So rad! (Taken with instagram)